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anne gee

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Anne Gee is an Australian artist based in Cottesloe, Western Australia. Her childhood days unfolded in the West Australian country seaside town of Albany. This idyllic hometown setting was the stimulus for many of her unique works which evolved from a deep love of the sea, maps, story-telling imagery and her own journeys and childhood memories. Anne's arts practice includes illustration, intricate hand-crafted paper-cut works, ink pen maps, drawings, paintings and three-dimensional paper sculptures under glass. Many of her works feature vintage storybook characters and exquisite paper boats folded from the 80 year old, rescued pages from her vintage book collection. Anne loves to investigate the arrangement of momentary and permanent sculptures that interact with nature. She has more recently focused on public art, ephemeral light installations and collaborative projects into larger scale sculptural works in both metropolitan and regional Western Australia.

“I love that an artwork has the power to elicit myriad reactions, interpretations and conjure powerful memories and connections for the viewer. My narrative for an artwork is just one side of the story.”

Anne's original area of academic study is teaching and she have over 30 years of experience in the education arena with extensive involvement in administrative leadership, cultural change management, strategic growth and improvement and education consultancy, including governance in rural and metropolitan private schools. She has combined her art practice with her educational expertise and runs her own business in Education and Art Consultancy. Anne is currently the Chair of Port School - a CARE school for at-risk youth.

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