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Sense of Wonder - growing boys- paper cutting

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'Sense of wonder' - limited edition paper cutting. All cuts are in black, white or colour archival paper. Paper Cut size options include, A4, A3, A3+ (480 x 330cm) A2

Prices listed are paper cuts only not framed. Contact Anne for details and options for framing if required. Available for free delivery within most Perth suburbs or studio pick up in Cottesloe.

The story

The very first whisper that tells you a small creature is growing within you is inexplicable, wondrous, and terrifying all at once. It was the first time I realised how utterly amazing my own mother was and how incredibly complex and delicately balanced was her art of growing and nurturing me until I was ready to embark upon my own solo journey.

As your child grows, so too does your sense of hope, a legacy of truths and a wealth of knowledge that you plan to neatly bundle up with homespun string and present to him like a map of the world or some complete manual on how life will unfold and what to do when things get tangled.

Your beautiful boy is unlike anyone you’ve ever met, though he is infused with the essence of those who have loved him along the way. He will pick and choose his own collection of advice, truth, love and dreams to create his own map with which to navigate the next part of his life.

You have sown your maternal seeds of hope, watered them and watched them grow as they reached toward the sky, just as your own boy, seemingly by some sleight of hand has been transformed into a man.

And now, all too soon it seems, we prepare to gently push our boys off in their own little boats, their own hands on the tiller, their own paths to follow and oceans to sail. To our fine young men: we love you madly and we wish you well. Sail in both the wild waters and the safe harbours of this world; be proud of who you are; strive to build things, not to break things down; love with endless generosity; and don’t just visit home when you have dirty laundry! x

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